tethered shoots with EOS 350D, LightRoom and Mac Os

Surfing the web i found an article explaining how to shoot with a camera connected to the computer (without card) and lightroom/aperture importing the photos automatically. This sounds attractive if you are in a photo session and you want to check the photos almost instantly or just to avoid the use of a flash card and the import process every time the card is full.

For Aperture, it’s easy, because the software include this feature with a list of supported cameras, but for LR the process is a little bit more complicated. For LR we need to activate the autoimport and “watch” a selected folder. Each photo copied/moved to that folder is imported automatically to LR. So, now we need a software to send the photos from the camera to the “watched folder”. Canon includes some programs to do this, activating remote shooting, but the problem is that the camera is now ONLY controlled by the computer and if your press the shooter in the camera, nothing happens. What i wanted is to shoot directly from the camera, and import automatically the photos to LR.
Playing with the camera, i found that image capture (in mac os 10.5) transfers the photos automatically to a temp dir in the HD, even if Image Capture is not launched, so i started to look for that folder. With this command i discover where the program saves the RAW/JPG files(thanks to Daniel Bahena for the find tip!!) :

find ./ -type f | grep -i IMG_0247.CR2

I already knew the name of that photo was saved by the camera, and the output was:

So, in the terminal i moved to my Pictures folder and made a symbolic link to a folder that was later added to LR as the “watched folder”

ln -s /private/var/folders/g7/g70Ulob9GiCP9UJA5DujP++++TI/TemporaryItems/fd100000/ watched-folder

Then, as i previously wrote, i just set to LR to watch for that folder and now, i just plug my camera, put it in PC connection and start shooting and importing photos in LR.